GCC with the MCF thread model


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!packages.txt 138702-Nov-2017 14:41
!lgpl-3.0.txt 765230-Sep-2017 07:16
!gpl-3.0.txt 34K30-Sep-2017 07:16
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20171105_x86_9ddd115f4d..> 105M05-Nov-2017 08:28
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20171105_x64_f148e975d3..> 111M05-Nov-2017 08:29
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170916_x86_25f4f19e4c..> 202M16-Sep-2017 12:30
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170918_x86_168a2f745d..> 202M18-Sep-2017 07:09
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170929_x86_f4073be38f..> 203M29-Sep-2017 01:58
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170814_x86_f946a60b56..> 203M14-Aug-2017 14:34
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170828_x86_7a19712daf..> 203M28-Aug-2017 10:24
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20171027_x86_577ffd2c77..> 204M27-Oct-2017 08:39
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170907_x86_cf2a3615b1..> 206M06-Sep-2017 16:37
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170918_x64_53028ff9b3..> 213M18-Sep-2017 07:17
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170916_x64_6845c7ef8e..> 213M16-Sep-2017 12:31
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170929_x64_a4b137d321..> 213M29-Sep-2017 02:07
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170814_x64_ab652fe424..> 213M14-Aug-2017 14:41
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170828_x64_dacc1a6a21..> 213M28-Aug-2017 10:31
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20171027_x64_4b8a9625ba..> 214M27-Oct-2017 08:40
mingw-w64-gcc-mcf_7.2.1_20170907_x64_cbba742510..> 217M06-Sep-2017 16:49



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  2. GCC with the MCF thread model is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

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